D.I. Grow-Red (Fruits & flower enhancer) 4 Litres

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  • Available Date: Dec 28, 2018
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D.I Grow Red (Flower and Fruit enhancer) – makes the plants have many quality flowers, tubers and fruits and prevents flower abortion – applied during fruiting & flowering stage of plants.

Application Guide:

1. Apply D.I Grow Red only on 90th, 120th and 150th day after emergency at the same rate as above. Spray in the Morning up to 9.00 hours and later at 16.30 hours and not when it is hot and sunny.

2. D.I Grow Plus is not an insecticide or fungicide, in case of pathogens and diseases take appropriate intervention.

NOTE: For crops which has shorter mature will only have used either once or twice spray of D.I Red and not three times like in Cotton.

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Seller Information

I wish to state that D.I Grow Organic Foliar Fertilizer was tested by ZARI in all the three Agro-ecological zones over eight years ago and was recommended to be used by farmers on all the crops in Zambia.

D.I Grow Organic Foliar Fertilizer is:
1. A Comprehensive Fertilizer - Allow plants to easily absorb all essential nutrients (Macro & Micro).
2. Grow Stimulant - Enchances vegetative growth, stimulates blooming and fruiting.
3. A Soil Conditioner (Amends the Soil) - Gradually corrects the soil deficiencies.
4. Safe & Effective - Pure organic and Non-Toxic (Not poisonous)

Last updated Dec 28, 2018