ZSV 36R Sorghum Seed - 1KG

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  • Brand: Afriseed
  • Model: SGL0009ZSV36RSS
  • Product Code: SGL0009
  • Condition: New
  • Available Date: Dec 27, 2018


Sorghum is one of the most important cereal crops of the hotter and drier regions ofthe tropic and sub tropics, preferred crop in uncertain and erratic rainfall areas.
It is a superior grain for brewing because of its good malting capacity.
Sorghum has few disease and insect pest problems in Zambia. Birds are the main concern. Traditional varieties of sorghum require a long growing season, have low yield potential, and are tall and non-responsive to improved management. Improved sorghums, however, are high yielding, input responsive, and far more resistant to drought.




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