Frequently Asked Questions

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What is my user ID?

This is the unique name that you created for use on the platform to login when you want to buy or sell something.

What is my password?

This is the alphanumeric word that you created while creating your account, it is used together with your User ID.

Where is my confirmation email?

Your confirmation email can be found in your emails inbox, this is the email address you specified when creating your account.

Why can't I see my Confirmation email in my inbox?

If you can't see your confirmation email in your inbox, please check your spam area and restore it to inbox. It is a harmless email but because of your email client software it was categorized in the area of spam.

How do I Join ?

For you to join, simply click on the button SIGN UP on the top right corner of the home page and then fill in your name, user name, email and password you will be using. Then click REGISTER to submit the information and you will be automatically logged-in to start your buying and selling.