D.I. Grow-Green (Growth Booster) 1 Litre

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  • Available Date: Sep 17, 2018
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·Contains chelated micro-nutrients and bio-stimulants, to help lessen or nullify minor deficiencies in plants

·Have a tremendous effect on seed germination, root development, and general growth

·Greatly increase cell division and elongation, producing greener, lusher plants that translate into higher yields during fruit and flower production

·Increases the rate of photosynthesis in the leaves and stimulate nutrient absorption by plant roots

·Stimulates and enhances growth of roots, stem and leaves

·Restores unhealthy plants back to health

·Boosts plant immunity and resistance to deceases

·Prevent premature of dropping of leaves, buds, flowers and fruits

·Shortens the time at which harvesting begins

·Gradually improves soil physical properties

·Increases shelf life/storage period of harvest

·Increases nutrient absorption by plants

·Increases seed germination

·Strengthens plant roots and prevents them from rotting or decaying.

·Promotes chlorophyll formation


D.I Grow Organic plus Foliar Fertilizer method of Application

Spraying (Foliar application/feeding);

This is done by spraying the mixed fertilizer evenly on the leaves, stem & root area of the plant. Just like it`s done when spraying a pesticide

It is applied to all kinds of plants whose leaves are easily accessible


·Care should be taken to ensure the spraying can & nozzle are clean & free from any chemicals that can be harmful to the plant e.g. Herbicides.

·Apply before 9:30am or After 4:30pm to get the best results

·Avoid using under hot sun or when it is about to rain or drizzle

·Repeat application if it rains within 6 hours after spraying

·If mixed with a pesticide or fungicide, the doze of D.I. Grow should be doubled

·The remaining mixture after spraying should be flushed on the soil. Do not keep the mixture for the next day. i.e. use all at a given spraying

·Don`t mix D.I. Grow with other fertilizers

·Only water is used to mix D.I Grow

·D.I Grow mix not a fungicide or pesticide

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Seller Information

I wish to state that D.I Grow Organic Foliar Fertilizer was tested by ZARI in all the three Agro-ecological zones over eight years ago and was recommended to be used by farmers on all the crops in Zambia.

D.I Grow Organic Foliar Fertilizer is:
1. A Comprehensive Fertilizer - Allow plants to easily absorb all essential nutrients (Macro & Micro).
2. Grow Stimulant - Enchances vegetative growth, stimulates blooming and fruiting.
3. A Soil Conditioner (Amends the Soil) - Gradually corrects the soil deficiencies.
4. Safe & Effective - Pure organic and Non-Toxic (Not poisonous)

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